the work with civil society

My work with civil society in the frame of this project develops on several parallel paths. I work with colleagues and friends in these circles because I either share their views on ‘what is and ought to be’ or because I have a principle respect for their alternative views (alternative in detail or spirit) and consequently want to learn from them. On the occasion of the dialogues, actions and happenings we organise, I also take the opportunity to bring (aspects of) my ‘human rights principle for global sustainable development governance’ in the discussion. As a ‘reflection space confrontation place’ for my own views in this respect, this environment, with its focus on the practice of policy, balances the academic theoretically oriented environment.

Current cooperation:

People’s Sustainability Treaties Initiative

This global movement of NGOs and individuals was set up on the occasion of the United Nations ‘Rio+20’ World Summit on Sustainable Development that took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. In this context, I drafted the text on the Human Rights Treaty and moderate the dialogue around it. I also engaged in the work devoted to the Equity Treaty and the Radical Ecological Democracy Treaty.


Constituency of Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organisations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

This constituency was set up on request of the UNFCCC Secretariat in order to facilitate the representation of the work of the thousands of research organisations active in the broad area of climate change. Currently, I work as a member of the Steering Committee.



stRaten-Generaal is an Antwerp-based activism group that mainly focuses on issues of urban planning. Their activism focuses on critical investigation of laws and procedures and on intellectual confrontation of political and private sector actors with their various ‘creative’ self-serving  interpretations of these laws and procedures. I occasionally take part in their meetings and happenings.


The Intellectual Capital Institute of Africa

This small NGO based in Ghana focusses on intellectual capacity building with a special attention to women. I act as voluntary member of the Board.


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