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The last paradigm? – deliberate visions on a sustainable world

  [Contribution to the book “Intellectual Topographies and the Making of Citizenship”] About the book The book “Intellectual Topographies and the Making of Citizenship” gathers together writings on the transformation of the intellectual and the challenges posed by citizenship against the backdrop of dismantling the Modernity project, the decline of

Deliberate Visions on a Sustainable World

[Paper presented at the Planet Under Pressure conference, London] Since the beginning of negotiations in the frame of sustainable development, deliberations have been morally grounded by making reference to two general ethical principles that are said to have a fundamental character: human equality and fair play. The principle of human

Rio+20 – Will we all be there for the same reason?

Join a Rio+20-related reflection on the need for a common understanding of the principle of the green economy as a criterion for sustainable development… Since the beginning of the global negotiations on sustainable development, their central  thematic concern has changed two times: from ‘environmental protection’ (Rio 1992) over ‘poverty eradication’ (Johannesburg 2002)

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