Conversation at the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis – ‘The human rights principle for sustainable development governance’

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A conversation on

The human rights principle for sustainable development governance

when: World Social Forum 2013, 27 March 2013, 13h00 – 15h30
where: Room TD4 at the University Campus El Manar, Tunis.

See the event flyer here. Visit the official website of the World Social Forum here.


What if …

in face of the urgent but complex challenges we need to tackle today, we would understand human rights as providing ‘the right to be responsible‘ for every human? Would this way of looking at social justice and at fair and effective governance provide a way to meaningfully discuss rights and responsibilities for authorities, institutions, private sector actors and individual citizens?

The conversation, seen as ‘an exercise in global ethics – thinking’ will try to map and discuss rights and responsibilities relevant to specific themes of sustainable development (food, water, energy, health,  education, …). The event is meant to be an open conversation inspired by your views on the issues, whatever your background or interest is. Without wanting to guide the conversation into a specific direction (all directions are open), we will propose to make use of the ‘rights and responsibilities matrix’ presented here.

conversation matrix

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